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How To Be At Peace When the World Around Me Is At War

The nightly news has story after story of things that can go wrong and are going wrong; shootings, global warming, 
problems in the economy, droughts, 
wars, and uncertainty. 

At times it can feel overwhelming and it can feel like it’s all right at our doorstep.

How are we to live in the midst of it all?  

Is it okay to be happy?

We live in a stressful world and there are so many things that can cause us to worry.  These concerns can be big or small and sometimes they can consume hours, days, and even years of our lives.

Did you know that the majority of what we worry about never becomes a problem, and the little bit that does become a problem… we handle it?!

Pain is going to be experienced however … 
prolonged suffering is optional.

First of all, our brains weren’t created to handle hour after hour of media reports on everything that’s going wrong all over the world. When we live life in the present we experience happy and sad emotions. When we watch a movie or remember events our brains and emotions react as if it’s happening in the moment. We notice this when we watch a scary movie, we know that it’s not true, but we still feel the emotions.

Turn off the TV: Limit your intake of news to short shows or reading headlines that don’t sensationalize to draw on your emotions. You can be informed without spending hours focused on world events.
Look for what is going well around you. With our thoughts focused on the negative our brains are on alert looking for more negative. There are so many good people and blessings all around us. Start looking for them every day. Too bad we don’t have news shows on all the good things happening, like the flowers blooming, volunteers helping those in need, and beautiful sunsets every evening.

Get out and live life: Sometimes we get so caught up in watching the negative and thinking of the negative we get buried under the covers or stuck on the couch. Putting down all the technology and getting outside in the garden, going for a walk, or visiting with a friend helps us to get perspective and realize there is so much more going on in life than what the television leads us to believe!

Connect with others!  Spend time with friends or family enjoying each other.  We are created for relationship and being with other’s helps to put life in perspective. It’s okay to laugh and enjoy the company of others or even to discuss things that are bothering you, this helps to put life in perspective and enjoy the moment.

What do you do to be at peace 
when the world around you is at war?
Today's blog is written by Anita Griffie.  
To contact Anita or to schedule an appointment 
to meet with her, 
email her at [email protected] 
or call her at 503-477-2957.

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rush essays on Monday, May 28, 2018 10:11 PM
Life isn't easy. In what the author discussed, I realized that we can still smile and be happy while everything is falling apart. Maybe it is something we can't remove from us, to be happy with the problems we are facing, to smile even we feel so much pain. We can say that we are enough to face challenges in life and still have a good time while solving it. The challenges are the reason for us to be a strong individual and face life with a smile.

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