Living Water Counseling - Finding Hope, Healing and Joy!
MFC 44312
Kathy Kirk, LMFT Director, Living Water Counseling
Kathy is the Director of Living Water Counseling
and has been a Therapist for 20 years
and a School Counselor for over 15 years.  
My desire is to help others find their purpose and passion for life.  I believe that we all can benefit from a safe, encouraging place to work through past hurts, disappointments and events that have brought discouragement, defeat and even depression.  I see myself as a supportive guide, coming alongside to help maneuver whatever difficulty is being faced.  My approach to counseling is relaxed, engaging and "real". 
Let me share the Top 10 facts about me:
            1.  I have been married for 23 amazing years!
            2.  I have 3 incredible kids (2 of them being teenagers)!
            3.  I have a strong faith which is evident in who I am!
            4.  I love the beach (as you will be able to tell from the moment you
                  step into Living Water Counseling Center)!
            5.  I have worked in a variety of settings,
                   including being a Middle and High School Counselor.
            6.   I have extensive training in Children, Adolescent
                    and Depression Issues.
            7.   I love coming alongside Couples to help them improve 
                     communication and conflict resolution skills.
            8.   I enjoy speaking and teaching through different seminars,
                     assemblies and classes that I offer.
            9.   I am a certified trainer for the Breakthrough Parenting program
                     as well as a  facilitator for the Prepare/ Enrich Assessment.
                       (To find out more about these services, please click onServices)
           10.  I'd love to work with you!!!  

Please call me at (760) 707-3302
 or email me at 
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