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How To Be At Peace When the World Around Me Is At War
How Heavy is this Glass of Water ... 3 Strategies to Help you Put Down the Weight of the Past
Quality OR Quantity Time?
Helping Your Children Find Their "Sweet Spot"
Four Steps to truly L-O-V-E the Ones we Love


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How To Be At Peace When the World Around Me Is At War

The nightly news has story after story of things that can go wrong and are going wrong; shootings, global warming, 
problems in the economy, droughts, 
wars, and uncertainty. 

At times it can feel overwhelming and it can feel like it’s all right at our doorstep.

How are we to live in the midst of it all?  

Is it okay to be happy?

We live in a stressful world and there are so many things that can cause us to worry.  These concerns can be big or small and sometimes they can consume hours, days, and even years of our lives.

How Heavy is this Glass of Water ... 3 Strategies to Help you Put Down the Weight of the Past

How Heavy is this Glass of Water?

3 Strategies to Help You 
Put Down the Weight of the Past

Some might say,  “not heavy at all,”or  “a little heavy”. 

However, what we really should ask is 
“how long have you been holding it?!” 
If you just picked it up you probably don’t notice the weight too much.

  However, after an hour, or days it’s pretty darn heavy.  
Your fingers might start to cramp, your shoulder gets sore, 
your body pretty miserable.

Well, how long have you been holding on to difficult events in your life?

Quality OR Quantity Time?

The debate continues.  Parents ask the question,“As we raise our kids,what's more important QUALITY time or QUANTITY time?” 

The answer is simple …“Both!”

My son spells love “T-I-M -E”

13 years old, Jake is a ball of energy. He loves time with his mom and dad.  For Jake what's most important is time  ... QUALITY and QUANTITY.

Whether it's a walk on the beach, playing catch in the front yard, or sitting on the couch together watching television … Jake loves time with us.

Helping Your Children Find Their "Sweet Spot"

There's nothing much greater than finding your niche.  

Have you found your "sweet spot"?  Your purpose? ... The place you "belong"?

Your "sweet spot" is a great place to discover!

I think the only thing that is more rewarding than finding your own “sweet spot” is helping your children discover theirs.

When my daughter Kelsey was three years old we enrolled her in preschool.  We were excited for her to have an amazing experience in preschool.

We quickly discovered though that preschool was not her "sweet spot".

Four Steps to truly L-O-V-E the Ones we Love

Love is more than an emotion … love is an ACTION.  Love is a CHOICE.  Love is active and the power of love is that it acts out even when our emotions are lagging.  All of our relationships  are improved as we learn to love.

The crazy thing with our relationships is that it is often more difficult to truly love those with whom we are the closest … both in proximity and intimacy.  There are times when the struggles and circumstances of life makes our loved ones appear (or even become) unlovely and unlovable

Got Hope?

My flu-sick son looked up me from his bed and said, “I hope I get better soon.”  

For Jake, he was using the word “hope” like a wish … a dream. 
He was “hoping” that he would get better like a person scratching a lottery ticket “hopes” that this is the winning ticket - the path to becoming a millionaire.

Jake had been sick for two days, and for him, it seemed like forever.  He was tired of bed, tired of feeling miserable, he was even tired of television!  

Have you ever been sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Is Premarital Counseling Really Necessary?

I'm  Scott Kirk, and I'm passionate about helping couples have the wedding and the marriage of their dreams!

If you are engaged and would like to start your marriage on a solid foundation, I would love to help you!

Our  Living Water  team is here to serve you!

When you learned to drive as a teenager, chances are that you signed up for a state-mandated driver’s training courseStudies show that individuals who invest in golf lessons before they begin playing 18 holes with their friends avoid learning bad habits that become ingrained in their game and are difficult to break.

Video: Giving is the Best Communication

Are you stuck?  Trapped?  Feeling like life just isn't getting any better?

What do you do?  How do you move forward?

Sometimes the best way to move forward ... is to help someone else.

Click on the image below to watch this moving 3 minute video and let us know what you think.

AtLiving Water Counseling, we would like to help you find Hope, Healing, and Joy!

Contact one of our counselorsand begin your own journey to wholeness.  

Sometimes "paying it forward" begins with one step forward.

Let it Go! Healing, Freedom, and Forgiveness

What is healing? 

We can’t erase events that have happened, un-hear words that were heard, and un-do physical damage that was done.  Yet there are thousands of people who have experienced serious pain, loss, and regret, who are now living lives of joy and fulfillment. How do they do that?  

From my own experience I would describe healing as freedom. Freedom from negative thoughts and feelings that plague me whenever I am reminded of past hurts.  Freedom to enjoy the good parts of today, and the good people in my life.

Restore - Video

"I know you're feeling like it's falling apart 
and it can't go on anymore ... 

BUT ...
Is RESTORATION really possible?"

Watch this video ... and imagine you life if RESTORATION could actually happen!

At Living Water, we love seeing lives, marriages, and hope RESTORED!

Call us at 760-889-5540, or reach us online ... we would love to listen - we would love to help - we would love to see you RESTORED.

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