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Finding Hope

Hope is powerful in our lives.  When we are depressed or overwhelmed, hope infuses us with the power to more accurately see reality.  Hope helps us envision a better tomorrow.  Hope strengthens us and gives us initiative to press on and push forward.

I remember a season in my life when I was way over my head.  I felt like I was in a downward spiral.  I wondered if I would be able to find my way out this abyss.

One afternoon during that difficult time I sat at a Starbucks with a friend.  We got together just to hang out and catch up … but our time together was HUGE for me.  

For a couple of hours … over a couple of cups of coffee … my friend offered me three incredible gifts.  He LISTENED to me … … he ASKED QUESTIONS … and … he was HONEST with me.

He LISTENED to me - He didn’t do a lot of talking, he didn’t give me advice, he didn’t try to fix the problem … he just listened.  He let me talk … he let me spew … he let me complain.

He ASKED QUESTIONS - After I had a lot of time to talk, after I had vented, after I had exhausted myself of my pent up emotions … he asked me some questions.  His questions were clear.  His questions caused me to look at the situation in a fresh way.  His questions made me think.

He was HONEST with me - As our two hour time together began to wrap up I realized that my friend had spent a lot of time sitting and listening to me and my story.  At the end of our time together, he shared a few observations that were truthful and penetrating.  His insights helped me take some next steps … they gave me HOPE.

Because he had spent TIME with me listening and asking questions … Because he didn’t immediately try to “fix” my problem … Because he didn’t say trite things like, “I know how you feel” … or “Everything happens for a purpose” - he had earned the right to speak into my life.  I appreciated his comments.

I walked away from Starbucks with a new sense of HOPE.  I had a “confident desire; the feeling that something desirable was likely to happen.”

As my friend helped me find hope that afternoon, our team here at Living Water would like to help you.  We would love the opportunity to listen, ask questions, and (as we get to know each other) to be honest with you.

Contact our team … we would love to help you re-discover your hope.
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