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Is Premarital Counseling Really Necessary?

I'm  Scott Kirk, and I'm passionate about helping couples have the wedding and the marriage of their dreams!

If you are engaged and would like to start your marriage on a solid foundation, I would love to help you!

Our  Living Water  team is here to serve you!

When you learned to drive as a teenager, chances are that you signed up for a state-mandated driver’s training courseStudies show that individuals who invest in golf lessons before they begin playing 18 holes with their friends avoid learning bad habits that become ingrained in their game and are difficult to break.  When I went off to college, my first week on the new campus involved multiple student orientation meetings that were designed to help me adjust to college life and have a successful transition.

In spite of the logic seen in driver’s training courses, golf lessons, and new student orientations many couples entering into marriage rarely consider pre-marital counseling.

Marriage is one of the most important decisions and one of the greatest transitions that we will encounter.  Investigating helpful resources that are available before we get married makes perfect sense.

I have performed more than 300 weddings and I have never seen a couple venture into marriage hoping that their marriage would be "just average."   Every engaged couple I have met wants to live the storybook ending of … "happily ever after."

While marriage is one of the biggest commitments in life, there are incredible resources available to help couples as they prepare for marriage.

One of the greatest tools I know is the PREPARE/ENRICH Assessment.  An online survey that you take with your partner, the PREPARE/ENRICH Assessment helps couples identify their unique strengths and potential growth areas as they prepare to become a married couple.

Over the past 30 years, more than 3 million couples have used the PREPARE/ENRICH Assessment and have found themselves empowered and energized as a result of it.

If you would like to explore and strengthen your relationship through the PREPARE/ENRICH Assessment, contact me.  As a licensed facilitator with PREPARE/ENRICH, I will send you a log-in password for the 30-45 minute survey and then the three of us can get together to discuss your results and to explore important relationship skills.

The PREPARE/ENRICH Assessment will help you start your new season of life together with a solid foundation and build a marriage that will last a lifetime.

Today's blog was written by Scott Kirk, Pastor Counselor/Life Coach at Living Water Counseling and SoCal Wedding Pastor.

To connect directly with Scott, email him at

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