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Got Hope?

My flu-sick son looked up me from his bed and said, “I hope I get better soon.”  

For Jake, he was using the word “hope” like a wish … a dream. 
He was “hoping” that he would get better like a person scratching a lottery ticket “hopes” that this is the winning ticket - the path to becoming a millionaire.

Jake had been sick for two days, and for him, it seemed like forever.  He was tired of bed, tired of feeling miserable, he was even tired of television!  

Have you ever been sick and tired of being sick and tired?

But as Jake was feeling helpless and hopeless … doomed to an eternity inside the house away from his friends and the fun of outdoors, I knew something that he didn’t know.  Our visit to the doctors that morning had gifted us his ticket to freedom.  The doctor’s prescription to antibiotics for Jake would mend him quickly and bring him back to full health. 

I knew that it wouldn’t be long before Jake was back to health and playing with his friends.

Jake was “hoping” … wishfully dreaming that he would get better soon.
I was “hoping” … confidently assured that he would get better soon.

There’s a big difference between those two hopes, isn’t there?

Looking at Jake’s past track record with antibiotics, considering our pediatrician’s expertise in the field of medicine, and knowing Jake’s motivation to get better … my “hope” in Jake’s speedy recovery was a confident assurance.

It’s amazing how looking at our past victories, our present resources, and our future desires can bolster our hope.

At Living Water, our therapists are here to serve you.  They will help you gain perspective on your past victories and struggles.  Their expertise can help you navigate your current life obstacles.  They will come alongside of you to help boost your motivation to reach your desired future.

At Living Water, we know that there is power in hope.  We want to help your hope move from a wishful dreaming to a confident assurance.

Got hope?

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