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Quality OR Quantity Time?

The debate continues.  Parents ask the question, “As we raise our kids, what's more important QUALITY time or QUANTITY time?” 

The answer is simple … “Both!”

My son spells love “T-I-M -E”

13 years old, Jake is a ball of energy. He loves time with his mom and dad.  For Jake what's most important is time  ... QUALITY and QUANTITY.

Whether it's a walk on the beach, playing catch in the front yard, or sitting on the couch together watching television … Jake loves time with us.

Nothing builds up Jake quicker than a surprise of me coming home early just to hang out with him. Nothing tears Jake down quicker than my having to work late and breaking promise of time with him.

Jake wants both QUALITY and QUANTITY time with his parents.

He loves special, "big" moments with us and he also loves “everyday” moments (lots of them) with us.

And so … we spend QUALITY time together.  Ive planned surprise days when I have pulled Jake out of school and taken him to the ballpark for a Padre game, we’ve made elaborate plans for camping trips, and we've enjoyed nights out at fancy steak restaurants for some great QUALITY times together.

We also spend QUANTITY time together.  We have played what seems like countless video games together, we snuggle on the couch, and even wrestle in the family room … three things that don’t cost any money.  I gave him the gift of time … QUANTITY time.

And Jake is growing up quickly!  He's 13 years old now, but I know I'll turn around tomorrow he will be 18 years old.

And so … while I have time I give him time - QUALITY and QUANTITY time because I love him.  He's my son!

And someday Jake may have a son of his own.  And Jake's son will ask his dad for time .. QUALITY and QUANTITY; because like his dad, Jake's son will spell love “T-I-M-E.”

How about your kids? how do they spell love?

I'm thankful for tonight. Even though I worked late and didn't get to spend a lot of QUALITY time with Jake today in just a few hours I'll be tucking him into bed. I'll pray with him for him and I’ll thank God for him.  We will have QUALITY time together.

And tomorrow … I get to spend QUANTITY time with him.  Tomorrow we will wind up at the park to play catch and just have fun together as father and son.

Because … if I'm honest, I have to tell you that I also spell love 

I love time with Jake.  What a gift spending QUALITY and QUANTITY time with him is to me!

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