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How To Be At Peace When the World Around Me Is At War

The nightly news has story after story of things that can go wrong and are going wrong; shootings, global warming, 
problems in the economy, droughts, 
wars, and uncertainty. 

At times it can feel overwhelming and it can feel like it’s all right at our doorstep.

How are we to live in the midst of it all?  

Is it okay to be happy?

We live in a stressful world and there are so many things that can cause us to worry.  These concerns can be big or small and sometimes they can consume hours, days, and even years of our lives.

Let it Go! Healing, Freedom, and Forgiveness

What is healing? 

We can’t erase events that have happened, un-hear words that were heard, and un-do physical damage that was done.  Yet there are thousands of people who have experienced serious pain, loss, and regret, who are now living lives of joy and fulfillment. How do they do that?  

From my own experience I would describe healing as freedom. Freedom from negative thoughts and feelings that plague me whenever I am reminded of past hurts.  Freedom to enjoy the good parts of today, and the good people in my life.

Restore - Video

"I know you're feeling like it's falling apart 
and it can't go on anymore ... 

BUT ...
Is RESTORATION really possible?"

Watch this video ... and imagine you life if RESTORATION could actually happen!

At Living Water, we love seeing lives, marriages, and hope RESTORED!

Call us at 760-889-5540, or reach us online ... we would love to listen - we would love to help - we would love to see you RESTORED.

The Power of a Father's Love - Video

This is an AMAZING video that demonstrates the power of a father's love.

Watch this short video and feel the power of love.

Healing - The Power of Family/Forgiveness (VIDEO)

"How easy it is to forget what it was like, when we were once family.  The times we shared.  How easy it is for us to forget how to love."

Watch this short video and be reminded of ... The Power of Family - The Power of Healing - The Power of Forgiveness.

Forgiveness: TobyMac featuring Lecrae

We all make mistakes sometimes
We all step across that line
But nothing's sweeter than the day we find FORGIVENESS.

Today, as you watch this, may you realize and discover the power of FORGIVENESS

Forgiveness: Matthew West Video

It's the hardest thing to give away
And the last thing on your mind today
It always goes to those who don't deserve

It's the opposite of how you feel
When the pain they caused is just too real
It takes everything you have to say the word...


Watch this Music Video and ask yourself ... "How can I find this release?"

Healing: Forgiveness Changes Everything

Forgiveness is POWERFUL!

Watch this 2 minute video that demonstrates the healing power of forgiveness. 

What do you think of Robert Downey Jr's words?

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