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HOPE - Something REALLY worth Believing In

Hope:“Wanting something to happen or be the case”

I’ve hoped for a lot of things in life.  

As a kid, I hoped that I would get thered schwinn bicycleI wanted for Christmas, as a junior higher I hoped thata certain girl would find me attractive, as a teenager I hoped that I would somehow find the money to buymy dream car, as a young adult I hoped I would get thatperfect jobI had applied for.

Hope“wanting something to happen or be the case”is powerful. 

Hope helps us hit the alarm clock and get out of bed in the morning.



Are you ready for a new year
and excited about the possibilities that await you? 
For many people a new year brings a list of resolutions and changes that desire to be made.  For others, it is difficult to get excited because they are stuck in their own discouragement and disappointments.  I love what my daughter said about a week ago – “What’s the big deal about a new year . . . it’s only a change in the last number of the year?!”  If your life is filled with joy, this is a great way to look at 2014 because it simply means that things can continue on the way they have been.
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